What’s this all about?

A very warm welcome to rashdecision.net

Due to popular demand (hello Mum) I’ve decided to put together a blog based on my writings since I left the UK in April; some it will be about life abroad and some of it will be just about whatever happens to be interesting or infuriating me at that moment in time.

Those who received (and didn’t instantly delete) the e-mails I have been sending out earlier this year will be familiar with some of the content but I will be trying to update the blog on reasonably frequent basis.

If you so wish, you can subscribe using the little box in the top right of the screen and each time I produce some random nonsensical rambling, you will receive an e-mail notification; I can also be contacted directly via the form on the front page.

More food-based writing can be found at www.thernbdiary.com

Bye for now.


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